Tony Cherry

Only in the entertainment business can you hear stories about someone quietly perfecting their craft, hoping that someday they will have a chance to perform in front of thousands... and that at the end of that first miracle performance, the audience loves them and wants more, more, more.

That is exactly what happened to Tony Cherry. Literally, Tony Cherry is a knockout. Such is the consensus among Joan Rivers, Pat Cooper, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Mason, Henny Youngman, Charlie Callas, Soupy Sales, the Sammy Kaye Orchestra, and Rita Rudner; all of whom have had Tony Cherry as their opening act.

Blessed with unique talent, when Tony sings, people react. After a few songs, he has developed the ability to become "best" friends with those in his audience - he has them flowing happy tears and smiling and at the end of his performance everyone in the audience just feels good. He does a Paul Anka medley as good as Paul Anka. He does a Tom Jones medley as good as Tom Jones. He sings the songs of Broadway and the songs of childhood as good as they have ever been sung. He also cracks up every audience when he does both sides of a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis duet. Tony Cherry does it all. Tony Cherry has performed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New York City, and throughout the Catskills and the east coast. He is currently available for bookings.

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