Larry Chance and the Earls

"This seems very strange to say, but we are in our fourth decade of playing music," Larry Chance, founder and lead singer of the Earls, admits with a joyous sense of wonder. The Earls have continuously been pleasing audiences with their flawless harmonies, ceaseless vitality, and endearing dedication to the people who come to see them. For many who have been supporting the group from the start, Larry Chance and the Earls represent the music that helped to define rock n' roll, the original doo-wop era that put the street corner society onto the national charts. Others, not even a gleam in their parents' eyes when the Fifties were current evens, have come to love the Earls' sound as living history, a style that's the foundation of almost every contemporary rock scene. And to their delight, Larry Chance and the Earls have found that even the "older generation" now admits to a love of early rock memories and comprises some of their most enthusiastic followers.

Larry Chance explains that a lot of fifties vocal music resulted from the simple fact that, "although times were prosperous, our parents weren't ready to buy guitars or other instruments. So we had to make music with our voices. The Earls, after all, did that in terms of our musical arrangements. We tried to make ourselves sound like a guitar or horn accompaniment." Of course, by the time personnel changes begin to occur, the Earls realized that musicians who could play instruments as well as sing would be a key to ensuring longevity, and the group evolved accordingly. The kind of involvement and concern for their audiences that Larry Chance and the Earls have make them extra special, over and above the group's undeniable talent. If a crowd wants autographs or just to sit around and reminisce, Larry will hang around for hours after a show. "Other acts have fans. We have family," he says with feeling. So, whether or not you "remember then," the time to tune into Larry Chance and the Earls is right now!

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