Susie Essman

Susie Essman has been making people laugh all her life, starting as a schoolgirl in Mt. Vernon, New York, when she was the kid who said what everyone else was thinking but afraid to say. She has parlayed that precocious wit into a career that marks her as one of the funniest women in the increasing numbers of females in stand-up comedy. Susie has appeared in a multitude of television programs including her own half-hour special "HBO's One Night Stand," "The Tonight Show," "Politically Incorrect," and "Law and Order." Moviegoers have seen another side of Susie in "Volcano," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II," "Punchline," and "The Siege," and "Keeping the Faith" with Edward Norton and Ben Stiller, to name a few.

Based in New York City, Susie appears regularly in all the comedy clubs. Sharper than the clich├ęd cutting edge, she represents a new wave of female comedians who are rearranging the borders by which women can perform stand-up comedy. The bold, original humor of Susie Essman reflects a modern view of the world's absurdities. The marvel is that she makes people laugh at the foibles in their midst.

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