Pat Cooper

"PAT COOPER... is a pleasant looking man who is probably doing more in happier fashion to dispel ethnic prejudice than do some of the new counter-defamation organizations that have, themselves, been a center of controversy... he sparkles with reminiscence-humor, a Brooklyn boy speaking with the impeccable diction of our local precincts... he makes loving fun of his family and of Italians, in a way that can arouse laughs but no feelings of superiority..." (NEW YORK TIMES)

He is the first comedian of his lineage to poke subtle, sardonic, yet understanding fun of his Italian background. He discovered that in making his own people laugh as they saw themselves reflected in the mirror of his wit, he was also making non-Italians hold their sides too, as they saw and howled at the similarities in their own experience.

His big break came in 1963 via TV's "Jackie Gleason Show," when the routines that had rolled them in the aisles of Brooklyn had the same effect in Sioux City, Iowa. From there it was the big time, playing the top nightclubs and hotels in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Juan, etc. It meant appearing on the same bill with stars like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, and many, many others. Today, Pat still co-headlines the major clubs, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Most recently, he completed filming of a new Dino Delaurentis film, "Striking Back." He also starred in NBC's "Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase."

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