Jack Carter

"A Comedian's comedian," "Jack of all tirades," "the master of fun..." are some of the myriad complimentary descriptions of Jack Carter. Jack, known as actor, comic, mimic, dancer, emcee, and most recently, television director, today tops his previous peaks of prestige and versatility. Indeed, New York and Hollywood critics have long acclaimed Jack's entrance into the exclusive summit circle of actor-comedians which includes Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Danny Thomas.
Jack has hosted shows for NBC-TV, including "Cavalcade of the Stars," "The Jack Carter Show," "Show of Shows," and has made television appearances with many other stars. Since that time, Jack has broadened his many talents into Broadway shows, television drama and variety, as well as night clubs and motion pictures. In the theater, he has enchanted audiences with "Mr. Wonderful," "Guys and Dolls," "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers," "Born Yesterday," "A Thousand Clowns," "Critics Choice," "The Odd Couple," "A Hatful of Rain," "Little Me," "Top Banana," and others.

Jack is regarded as one of the top night club entertainers in the world. It is not unusual for Jack to keep people laughing on several continents ranging from the best clubs in London, New York, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas. Jack is a regular at Las Vegas hotels such as the Frontier, Desert Inn, Sahara, and the Hilton. He does not restrict his act to just night clubs, he feels right at home in such theatres as the round - Chicago's Mill Run, Cleveland's Front Row and Westbury's Music Fair on Long Island. A former professional artist, Jack still sculpts and sketches, whenever and wherever tablecloths, napkins, or canvas is available. He boasts a trained musical comedy voice, is an ardent music lover, a desperate tennis player, and excellent golfer.

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