For over four decades, The Amazing Kreskin has dramatized the unusual power of the human mind with a rare combination of wit and showmanship. Kreskin, who has performed for the likes of royalty and presidential families, has also made well over 500 television appearances, in addition, to those as host of his own highly rated series and specials. Ever-earning his status as "the world's foremost mentalist." Kreskin offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove he employs paid assistants or confederates during any of his performances.

On stage and television, Kreskin seeks to reveal the thoughts of audience members, plant suggestions in fully aware subjects and dazzle with feats of extraordinary mental projections. As one of the highlights of his stage show, he regularly asks to have his check hidden anywhere in the premises. If he fails to find it he will forfeit his fee.

The roots of Kreskin's abilities can be traced to a simple childhood game. While trying to find a hidden object based on the verbal hints of "hot" and "cold", he discovered he could locate the object without the verbal communication if the person who hid it concentrated on its location. From this and other exercises, Kreskin gradually developed a telepathic-like sensitivity.

At age eleven, he developed an uncanny determination beyond his years when he received peffi1ission to study the entire psychology section of his local library. Soon Kreskin began to perfoffi1 professionally, billed as "The World's Youngest Hypnotist." From his early experiments Kreskin developed a theory into his special talent: "In most cases the phenomenon of thought transference can be explained as a kind of hyper- aesthesia -- an almost unconscious raising of the threshold of one's senses to a degree far exceeding one's everyday feelings." With a hectic schedule of over 300 appearances a year worldwide, Kreskin is constantly challenging the impossible with amazing results.

Kreskin has also used his unique gifts to make a positive social contribution. His highly developed skills have led to the discovery of crucial evidence in several major criminal investigations. He has also devoted a great deal of time' in and out of the nation's courtrooms questioning the validity of testimony given by hypnotized witnesses and the reliability of hypnosis in general. Kreskin even appeared on the television series "Missing Reward" to offer $100,000 to any hypnotist, psychologist or psychiatrist who could prove the very existence of a "hypnotic trance" under scientific conditions. To date, no one has collected on this

Kreskin dismisses any association with the occult and labels like psychic and medium. "I do not call myself a mind reader, because that implies I can totally penetrate the process of the human brain;" he explains. "I prefer to describe myself as a thought reader. On many occasions I can perceive a single thought or a series of simple thoughts if the subjects are tuned to me and willing to open their imaginations to receive or project. I am totally helpless if they refuse. " Kreskin maintains that this silent communication is within the capability of many people, once trained and self sensitized. "Basically, I apply the power of positive thinking which may be mankind's ultimate tool."

Kreskin's name and face have gained a household recognition from over 500 appearances on national television including four appearances in during the last year on The Late Show with David Letterman with fellow guests: Will Smith, Governor Jesse Ventura, and Martha Stewart. Kreskin has also dazzled viewers on MTV, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, The Howard Stern Radio Show, Larry King Live and CNN Morning News. On New Year's Day 1999, The Amazing Kreskin appeared on CNN Today to make his annual Predictions for 1999 and to the world's amazement three of his predictions came true during the month of January.

Kreskin's unparalleled contribution to the study of parapsychology have made him the subject of articles in numerous scientific journals and magazines including a 14-page article in the spring 1999 issue of Smithsonian Magazine, along with earning him an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Seton Hall University, where he majored in psychology. Among thousands of volumes in his personal library on the subject of parapsychology (reportedly the largest private collection in the world) are eight books by Kreskin himself. Kreskin's books include The Amazing World of Kreskin (Random House), Kreskin's Mind Power Book (McGraw-Hill), Fun Ways to Mind Expansion (Doubleday), Secrets of the Amazing Kreskin (Prometheus), How to Be a Fake Kreskin (St. Martin's Press) and Kreskin's Secrets, a privately published mail-order tome which has sold nearly 500,000 copies.

The mentalist has dazzled millions of international viewers each week for years with his television series "The Amazing World of Kreskin" and starring in "Kreskin's Quest," a series of internationally syndicated specials. Music has also served as an effective medium for the mentalist who made his professional debut as a pianist at Carnegie Hall with Skitch Henderson and the New York Pops, subsequently soloing as a guest artist with the symphonies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Kreskin credits the childhood influences of Mandrake the Magician comic books, radio/television pioneer Arthur Godfrey and magnetic televangelist Bishop Sheen for the direction of his career. Born in Montclair, New Jersey, Kreskin was fully fascinated with magic by age five, after which he began to perform for the neighborhood children. To this day Kreskin often warms up an audience with a deft display of sleight-of- hand as a preparation for the thought reading to come. He enjoys defying the eye and admits, "The ESP factor needs a solid mental foundation to be successful. Once the audience members become mystified, they are more susceptible to suggestion."

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