Randy St. James

Over the past 25 years Randy St. James has performed in 46 states and Canada, at colleges and universities, corporate events and industrial shows. Cruise Ships, gala fund raising events and private parties. He is also featured in three television commercials for Chevrolet and Geo.

All shows are of the highest professional quality...
100% clean family entertainment! Shows include comedy, audience participation, expert slight of hand magical manipulation, illusions with live animals; doves, rabbits, and in larger shows, ducks and poodles.

Larger programs… can include state of the art illusions rarely seen except on television. Levitation, transformations, the production of beautiful showgirls from thin air. Classics of magic; the guillotine illusion, the 2,000-year-old Hindu basket trick and the world’s most famous illusion, The Locked Trunk Mystery.

Close Up Mysteries... Magic presented one on one at your cocktail hour or other informal gathering. Magic that happens right in the hands of your guests as Randy St. James strolls through the crowd creating, a magical atmosphere of entertainment.

Custom Programs... created for your theme or product! Randy St. James has created special tricks for new product introductions for film companies, banks, large paper companies and automobile manufacturers. Want a unique approach to deliver your message? He can also adapt standard effects to create an entertaining and lasting image of your product or trade show booth.

All shows are self-contained... with sound systems, curtains and limited lighting.

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