Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth Karola Westheimer is America's foremost sex therapist. In addition to Dr. Ruth's Encyclopedia of Sex, she has written many other books on human sexuality, as well as being a well-known lecturer, radio and TV personality, and a professor at New York University.

Dr. Ruth's early life in Germany was happy, but things soon changed as the shadow of fascism lengthened over Europe. Fortunately, Dr. Ruth's parents managed to send her to neutral Switzerland, where she spent the war years.

After the war ended, Dr. Ruth emigrated to Israel to begin a new life. An impulsive decision to move to America opened a new chapter in her story. Here she met her true love and earned her doctorate.

After finishing her doctoral work, Dr. Ruth seized an opportunity to begin educating a wide audience about sex via the media. Starting with a local radio show in New York City, Dr. Ruth quickly became a well-known and respected public figure. She has also published several best-selling books To learn more about Dr. Ruth, read her biography, All in a Lifetime, published by Warner Books.

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