Lynn Starr

A native New Yorker, Lynn Starr - yes, that's her real name - headed out into the world with a degree in Business Administration.
After the climbing the proverbial corporate ladder Lynn found she was
not fulfilled. So, she gave her computer the "boot" and hitched a ride to Nashville, determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional singer.

Within five years, Lynn had done television, demo work, studio
work, voice-overs and a Debut CD, "Lynn Starr Live It's Only Love," with noted pianist Frank Owens. It was time to return to her native New York. Once home, she performed at major Cabaret Clubs as well as The Catskill Resorts and Florida. She works with several "name" acts and continues to do studio work.

Lynn┬╣s act, which is a culmination of all the above experiences, is unique in as much as it can be tailor-made for any particular audience, drawing from country, jazz, blues and conventional standards. Now when Lynn reboots her computer it's to add another night club to her roster. She brings with her, on stage, a wonderful sense of humor as well as a sense of who she is and never takes herself too seriously. She doesn't mind singing "Nine To Five" but no longer is a part of that world. It comes across the footlights.

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